Common Issues

When inspecting a homes these are some of the common issues that are encountered.

Roofing Issues

Tree-branches-rubbing-roofTree branches are rubbing on roof. clogged-gutterThe gutter is clogged and full of debris.
The roof sheathing has structural problems.

The chimney has experienced spalling and mortar deterioration.

Factors contributing to wet basements and crawlspaces


The downspout is draining next to the foundation.


The sump pump is not functioning properly.


The sewer line is leaking in the crawlspace.


Negative slope is causing water to run towards the foundation.

Issues associated with decks

deck-not-supportedThe deck is not supported properly with posts. damaged-spindleOne spindle is damaged in the stairwell.
guardrail-missingGuardrails are missing. deck-rottingDeck wood is rotting.

Exterior Issues

window-seal-crackingThe seal around the window has dried and crack possibly leading to moisture penetration. window-frame-rotWood rot has led to a loss of support for the window.
melted-sidingThe siding is melted, most likely due to a grill. unpainted-woodBare wood can lead to rot or serve as an invitation for wood-destroying insects.

Electrical Issues

wall-switchWall switch is missing a cover plate. improperly-wired-breakerDouble taps (two wires connected to the same breaker) can cause the breaker to trip frequently.
loose-receptacleThe receptacle is loose from the wall. outdated-wireKnob and Tube wiring is outdated.

Structural Issues

roof-structureRoof rafter has been cut, significantly compromising roof support. roof-raftersRoof rafters and sheathing are rotting due to deteriorated flashing around chimney.
unlevel-support-pierThis support pier in crawlspace is no longer level. cut-floor-joistThe floor joist have cuts into it more than ⅓ the width. Also, both the joist and floorboard have some wood rot.

Plumbing Issues

leaking-hot-water-heaterThe water heater leaks at the base due to rust. leaking-facet-knobThe bathtub control knob leaks when water is turned on.
loose-sewer-pipe-connectionThe main sewer pipe has a loose connection at the foundation wall. leaking-hot-water-heater-pipeA leak above the water heater has caused a significant rust problem on top of it.

Cooling & Heating Issues

deteriorated-ac-foamThe foam sleeve on the A/C suction line has deteriorated. rusting-furnacePremature cooling and condensing of exhaust has led to a rust problem in this furnace.
furnace-ventThis furnace vent lacks the ¼ inch per foot incline to help exhaust fumes to exit the home. cracked-firebox-bricksBricks in the firebox are cracked.  As a result, the firebox can no longer contain heat.

Interior Issues

cracked-window-sealThe upper half of this window has a cracked seal compromising its insulating value. loose-carpetThe carpet is loose and needs to be stretched out.
loose-knobThe door hardware is loose, and therefore, does not work properly. drywall-damageThere is cosmetic damage to the wall.