What is RecallChek?

RecallChek is a service that Horizon Home Inspections provides all its clients.  RecallChek has put together a list of over 205 million products that have recall notices associated with them.  If any of these products contains a dangerous flaw or defect, the manufacturer must recall them and correct the issue with no charge to the owner.  RecallChek informs the owner of the potential hazard and how to resolve it in a quick and efficient manner.


RecallTrak is a lifetime service you receive with your home inspection.  Along with this, you’ll receive a monthly newsletter emailed to you.  It contains any recall notices on appliances you own as well as helpful maintenance tips.

If you replace or add appliances, you can add the new model number(s) to your service and they, also, will be included in your RecallTrak updates.

This service is free, but must be requested before the inspection.